Cake Outdoors


#1.  Sunlight and heat are the #1 enemy of cakes.  Butter and chocolate melt in the heat of summer.  I will want to setup your cake on a level surface in an area that will stay shaded.
#2.  You can have a buttercream covered cake outdoors!  I use a great tasting buttercream that holds up well in warmer weather.  I've heard of bakeries only offering  fondant covered cake if the cake is outdoors, not at Custom Cakes.
#3.  Make sure to display the cake on a stable and level surface that is at least four feet off the ground. 
#4.  Cakes are safest when they are displayed against a wall. If possible, consider arranging the cake table up against the wall of a house or side of a tent. 
#5.  Wind & pests could also be a factor.  Consider linens blowing onto your cake and what can be done to prevent it, as for the bugs and bees, they like cake too.