Cakes!  Unless you are immersed in the growing world of sugar arts and cake decorating, you may not know much about cakes, how to order, transport, preserve, or what flavors to choose.  The "Tips" below are here to help you make an educated decision regarding your cake/cupcakes/desserts and that all goes well with your Custom Cake order. 

Buttercream vs. Fondant

R-lavender and white fondant 1.jpg

It’s time to choose your wedding cake and you’re faced with a dilemma… what kind of frosting you want on the cake? This is a matter in which you want to choose wisely!

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10 Questions for your cake artists

Here is a list of questions. It might be helpful when making your decision on a reputable cake artist.  All if not most of these answers can be found right her on the website, so please look around.

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Painted Cakes

painted cake.jpg

I love to paint on cakes and although my designs are rather simple for now, I am improving. Painting allows me to create incredible treats using edible colors. 

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"How many does this cake feed?"

Sizes Servings example.jpg

That question is often asked along with a picture of a cake.  To answer... it all depends on the diameter of the cake(s) or whether or not it's 3-dimensional. 

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Tiered Cake Cutting


You are being charged on a per/serving basis.  To assure that you get as many servings as the cake design allows, I leave you detailed cake cutting instructions. 

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Keeping the top?


Most brides include the top tier in their servings, but those that are more traditional want to keep it, but how do you preserve for a year?!

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Cake Outdoors


There are definitely some potential issues to consider when cake/food will be outdoors, actually there are a lot! 

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Dark Colors


Dark blues, reds, purple, and black buttercream have the potential to stain linens, clothing, furniture and teeth upon contact, but there is away around it.... 

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Cupcakes vs. Cake

pink cupcakes display 5.jpg

Cupcakes are becoming popular at event receptions and for good reason; serving cupcakes in place of a traditional tiered cake offers appealing benefits.  Here are some reasons why...

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Who is Renae?


I'm a cake baker, sugar artist, wife, mother, friend, entrepreneur, snow skier, gardener, muscle car lover, and rocker.  If that's not enough, read on.

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Cake stands, cupcake displays, & dessert bars from rustic apple boxes and woods to elegant metallic display stands...

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Buttercream with style

Another way to make buttercream icing a bit more interesting is to add vertical or horizontal marks. It gives the feeling of movement without looking messy.  This design technique looks great with fresh flowers or sugared fruit (all purchased from local growers, by the way).  There is no additional charge for me to add fruit to your cake design.

Ingredient Sources


A great cake starts with great ingredients!  I source from local business because of a believe in the law of compensation (that what goes around, comes around).  I grow my own... 

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Why no storefront?


It was important to own a business that didn't own me and I wanted to work around my family on my terms when I became legit. in 2004. Custom Cakes is a state licensed domestic kitchen and clients seem to like that we sit around the...

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Biggest cake yet


You might think it a wedding cake but it wasn't...

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